Vectorworks 2021 is out!

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Improvements in Vectorworks 2021


Quick Search

  • Smart options display
  • Move by points new modes and visual feedback
  • Detatchable palette tabs e.g. Data, Render in Object info palette



A new resource - controls the look of objects such as texture and fill as well as numeric data for that material such as density, price and stock codes.



Import and export and publish.


Push pull enhancements
  • Additional objects can be push pulled - lines, Polygons and Nurbs curves
  • Additional automatic add/subtract mode


Class creation improvement
  • Duplicating a class no longer includes a hyphen
  • New classes created at the level of selected class with hyphens included


Vectorworks graphic modules cache

Makes opening complex models much faster as well as changing views and display options such as changing layer/class visibility.