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The world has slowed down because of coronavirus, but now is an excellent time to dedicate the time to improving and invest in your career skills.

For the first time ever, we are now offering ALL our courses online through screen-sharing. Each course is now broken down into 3 separate 2-hour sessions, which are booked up to a week apart from each other.

Learn ANY of our courses from your home or office. You'll receive real-time training and coaching from Steve and you get more flexibility to learn our courses at your own pace.

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Paul Skinner, Creative Designer at 2Head
Steve has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that was and continues to be imparted. Paul Skinner, Creative Designer at 2Head
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Steve Brann

Hi, I’m Steve Brann

I teach the training courses at CAD School. I’ve had over 25 years of training experience and taught hundreds of companies to dramatically improve their skills, including Dyson, the University of Cambridge, B&Q and Hampshire County Council.

So many training courses are over-loaded with information. Or worse yet, they’re full of jargon and insider language. Using analogy and story, I’ll take you through a proven process so you can confidently use the software by the end of the day.

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Grow your skillset • Revolutionise your productivity • Get back control

We help designers and architects learn their tools so they can master their craft.

Most of a project’s lifetime is spent in editing, not creation. So much time and energy can be lost as a project spirals into a mess of complexity and overwritten changes.

When the software is this powerful and complex, you can be forgiven for feeling a little confused or wondering if you’re doing things the right way. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, the pace of innovation leaves us all playing catchup.

So we developed current, clear and engaging courses to help you learn the tools, regain clarity and put you back in control.

Our training will get you back on the right path. Gain foundational skills so you can deliver future-proof work. Your team will thank you.

Book with confidence

If you aren’t happy, you’ve got a 30-day 100% money back refund. What do you have to lose?

Personal teaching

There’s no sausage-factory training here. We’ll identify and strengthen the gaps in your current skillset.

Leadership through ability

Acquire indispensable skills that give you confidence and authority in your field.

Unlock your Creativity

Gain a deep knowledge of the basics, so you can work with productivity and freedom.

We’ve got your back

We’re here to support you on all the skills we teach after you complete a course.

How much is disorganised work costing you?

  • How many potential customers pass on your services because they’re seeing better work elsewhere?
  • How much stress could you save by knowing a better way to work?

Avoid the cost of confusing work and turn confusion into clarity.

Invest in your training today.

Pricing per day

Our prices are honest, simple, and scale to your team size. Feel free to give us a call and book over the phone or start booking using this form.

 NOW ONLINE: For the first time ever, we are now offering ALL our courses over online screen-sharing. 1 day courses are broken down in to 2 separate 3-hour sessions, usually booked a week apart. 2+ day course take more sessions.

Our place

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via screen-sharing per 'day' (6hrs prepaid)

1 person £450 £620£450
2× 3 hour sessions
2 people £310 per person Total £620 £620
2× 3 hour sessions
3 people £250 per person Total £750 £750
2× 3 hour sessions
4 people or more From £212.50 per person Total £850 £850
2× 3 hour sessions

01962 711907

One to one Online training is available at £90/hour.

*Travel and expenses are charged for all on-site training

Our place

Your place*

via screen-sharing
Group Course £300 per person
1 person £540 £744 £540
2× 3 hour sessions
2 people £372 per person Total £744 £744
2× 3 hour sessions
3 people £300 per person Total £900 £900
2× 3 hour sessions
4 people £255 per person Total £1,020 £1,020
2× 3 hour sessions
5+ Call for pricing
01962 711907

Online training is available at £108/hour.

*Travel and expenses are charged for all on-site training

Have questions? 01962 711907

Book training over the phone too.