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Powerful and accurate 3D modelling and quality rendering.


An easy-to-use 3D design application. form•Z maintains accurate representations as you progress from design to visualisation, layout, animation, and fabrication. It’s like SketchUp on steroids.

If you want to create simple objects, then SketchUp may be for you. But if you want to start twisting, bending and manipulating forms in unique ways, then form•Z starts to shine. You can create incredible organic objects with bends, twists and bulges, form•Z’s suite of powerful tools will do the job.

Similar to: SketchUp, Rhino

What makes form•Z special?

With little effort to set up your project, designers are given an easy-to-control toolset that produces stunning results in a short amounts of time. form·Z blends powerful and accurate modelling with high-quality rendering and animation using the RenderZone Plugin.

Who is it for?

Popular in the architecture and 3D design worlds, form•Z and RenderZone are also staple tools of the trade in Hollywood, being utilised in productions like the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Rendering plugins

Use the RenderZone plugin for good and quick renders.

Use the Maxwell Render plugin for ultimate realism and ease of use. Although the final render can take a long time, Maxwell Fire gives near-real-time previews, so quality doesn’t get in the way of productivity. With ‘Multilight' you can alter lighting during or even after the render with immediate results.

Kim Schmahmann, award-winning architect and sculpture artist
My go-to program for any and all of my design, fabrication and presentation processes. When I design, I do not want to think about the software, I just want to design. form•Z allows me to do that. Kim Schmahmann, award-winning architect and sculpture artist
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Product Comparison
form•Z jr
form•Z Pro
form•Z jr form•Z Pro

Ppowerful and intelligent form generating tools

All the features of jr as well as advanced modelling, animation, layout, and more…

You Save £80
  • Basic Modelling
  • Rendering
  • Materials library
  • Advanced Modelling
  • Rendering
  • Materials library
  • Network Rendering
  • Batch Rendering
  • Layout tools
  • Animation

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