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No matter what you need, we’ll help you find the right solution to get you there — at a competitive price.

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We unlock the thinking behind each program for you (because they all think differently), so you can make the right choice for your profession and budget.

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Our CAD software is constantly evolving but often our skillset doesn’t evolve with it. So we developed crystal clear, engaging courses to put you in control.

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What's new?

Vectorworks 2021 summer sale!

Posted on 3 August 2020

For those not on Vectorworks Service Select, this is our best promotion ever for new users and those upgrading from older licenses 2017 and above.

Get 3 benefits…

  1. 25% off RRP
  2. Free year of Vectorworks Service Select
  3. Includes a free upgrade to 2021 when it is released

This summer sale is up until 15 September.

To claim email Steve or leave a voicemail message by calling 01962 711907‬.

Twinmotion 2020 added

Posted on 23 April 2020

We're excited to announced we've added Twinmotion 2020 to our products. It's made by the makers of Unreal Engine and Fortnite and the easiest 3D rendering and animation program you will ever use!

And, until the end of August, we are offering over 50% off RRP. That's £175.50 + VAT per license with discount!

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What makes CAD School different?

Helping designers and architects become better at their work

So many training courses are over-loaded with information. Or worse yet, they’re full of jargon and insider language. Using analogy and story, we take you through clear lessons so you can be confident in your CAD tools by the day's end.

Steve Brann

Meet Steve, your instructor

All training courses are taught by Steve Brann, managing director of CAD School. Steve is an excellent communicator with over 25 years of training experience. He’s helped hundreds of companies dramatically improve their skills in CAD software so they can crack on with doing the work — better and faster than before.

Learn from home!

For the first time ever, we are now offering ALL our courses online through screen-sharing. 1 day courses are now broken down into 2 separate 3-hour sessions, usually booked a week apart from each other. 2+ day courses take more sessions.

Learn ANY of our courses from your home or office. You'll receive real-time training and coaching from Steve and you get more flexibility to learn our courses at your own pace.

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