2D and 3D drawing with a non-linear creative process

For inventors, engineers, architects and designers.


Start anywhere with your design and move freely in any direction. If you want freedom in the creative process, this app is for you. Because it has a “organic” non-linear workflow, it allows you to play and experiment with your design.

Powered by an intelligent drafting assistant, Ashlar-Vellum’s products make it easy to snap to and line up with existing points, edges or tangents. The interface stays out the way of your design and enables you to quickly communicate what you have in mind. It’s a radically easy and refreshing way of designing.

Wallace Beaudry, designer at Sohn Manufacturing
When I work, my thought is centered on the design of a product. With Ashlar-Vellum software I quickly get that idea on paper. If I had to use AutoCAD, I’d lose my train of thought. Wallace Beaudry, designer at Sohn Manufacturing
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