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Recent reviews of our training and courses.

Mazen Beidas, Designer at Taylor Tripp
My main challenge was finding the time to work more efficiently, getting into the practice of using shortcuts or faster ways of working. It felt frustrating. When you book on Steve's training you get time out to learn better ways of doing things. The training is very flexible and catered towards how our company works. Just do it! Mazen Beidas, Designer at Taylor Tripp
Gill Gardner, Lowick Design & Gardening
5 out of 5. Definitely recommend Steve's lessons - you learn so much. Gill Gardner, Lowick Design & Gardening
Finding the time to learn was my challenge. I often felt stretched. Now I have a much better, more rounded understanding of the key software I use. I gained confidence. Go for it, it's a win-win situation. 5 out of 5. Vic, VTC Design
Perry Scott, Graphic Designer at 2LK
Before going on the course I felt daunted due to a lack of knowledge. I didn't understand the limitations of the software I was using. I now feel very confident. Is this something that can be resolved with Internet tutorials and practice or do you want to get right under the skin of it with the support of a professional? For me, there's nothing more effective than one to one human interaction to learn and digest. Perry Scott, Graphic Designer at 2LK
Tom Looker, Director of Design at Pegasus Group
Just getting to grips with the basics of Vectorworks would make me feel nervous. After some training with Steve though, I feel more confident. If you're on the fence, this is well worth a try. Tom Looker, Director of Design at Pegasus Group
Vectorworks is intuitive but I needed a solid foundation to be able to used it. Especially to learn its full potential. There are so many things you can do, so it's easy to get lost. I gained a lot of confidence from the course and can now work with Vectorworks in a much more organised and better way. Antoine Costantini, Kithurst Builders
Steve Brann

Meet Steve Brann

Steve Brann is the managing director of CAD School. Steve is an excellent communicator with over 25 years of training experience. He’s helped hundreds of companies (like B&Q, Dyson, and Sainsbury's) dramatically improve their skills in CAD software so they can crack on with doing the work — better and faster than before.

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