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Vectorworks 2D Essentials
Group Course

Vectorworks 2D Essentials

Dates Tuesday 9 July 2019
Wednesday 10 July 2019
Time 10am–5pm
Location 59 Rumbridge Street, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9DT
Price £500+vat per person

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Course Description

2D Essentials

In this foundational course, you’ll learn how to create, edit and organise your 2D work in Vectorworks. We’ll cover the Vectorworks environment, as well as the foundational principles that set everything else up.

Pre-requisites: None.

Who is this course for? For anyone who is new to Vectorworks, whether you have experience with other CAD packages or starting from scratch. Whatever your experience, each skill is taught in a structured way, provided with lots of practice.

By the end of the day… you’ll be able to draw anything in 2D. You’ll have the core of Vectorworks under your belt, from the basic toolset through to some powerful productivity methods and shortcuts.

What to expect

1-2 days

What you’ll learn…

This track covers these three industry-specific areas:

  1. Parametric Tools: We move on from the basic tools to industry-specific tools, otherwise known as parametric tools (you put in the parameters, it draws the object), such as the walls, doors, windows, slabs, roofs, staircases, and others.
  2. Basic 3D: Because parametric objects are represented in 2D as well as 3D, you can’t create a wall or door without getting in to the basics of 3D. So you’ll learn the basics of 3D too.
  3. Producing Paperwork: Architect Essentials teaches how to do the paperwork, otherwise-known as schedules, like door schedules, window schedules, room schedules, and any schedules you might need or want.


You’re not restricted to just the Vectorworks objects. We learn to how to pull in objects from SketchUp, allowing you to pull-in models you’ve already created or have access to.

Course Content

  • The Vectorworks environment
  • Drawing in 2D: lines, rectangles, arcs
  • Selecting and navigating: select, move, resize, pan, zoom
  • Surfaces: add, clip, intersect, manipulate
  • Accurate drawing: using numeric entry, snap points and constraints
  • Practice examples: draw roads, windows, walls, doors and staircases from scratch
  • Productivity skills: keyboard shortcuts and other tricks
  • How to set up projects: preferences, page set-up, units and templates
  • Resource manager: hatches, symbols, textures
  • Styles: weights, colours, and other attributes
  • Organising: using classes and layers
  • Presentation: sheets and viewports