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Vectorworks 3D Essentials for Architect
Group Course

Vectorworks 3D Essentials for Architect

Dates Tuesday 28 May 2019
Wednesday 29 May 2019
Time 10am–5pm
Price £500+vat per person

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Course Description

3D Essentials for Architect

All the essential skills to create and edit in 3D. This course will teach you how to use 3D models for visuals and 2D for elevations, plans, and perspectives.

Pre-requisites: This course requires 2D Essentials and Industry Essentials knowledge.

Who’s this course for? The Architect track is for anyone who wants to use communicate 3D designs to their clients. It’s for those who want the efficiency of having 2D drawings generated from your 3D model, without having to do everything in two separate apps. Vectorworks lets you do it all.

By the end of the day… you’ll be able to model your buildings in 3D using both the plug-in tools and the general modelling tools. Combined together you can make any building. You’ll know the tools to create and reshape walls, windows, doors, and roofs. You’ll be able to import models from other apps, create plans, elevations and sections from your design, as well as create different perspectives of your 3D model for presentations.

What to expect

1 day

What you’ll learn…

This course divides in to these three areas:

  1. The basic modelling objects: Learn how to create the shape of anything in 3D. You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating an object using generic 3D methods such as sweeps and extrusions. You’ll learn to add and subtract solids from other objects. And we’ll cover how to deform them further by creating radiuses on edges or twisting the object, until you achieve the unique shape you’re after.
  2. 3D Parametric Objects: Parametric objects (also known as plug-in objects) are where you put in the parameters, and Vectorworks draws the object. You’ll learn the industry-specific parametric objects relevant to Architect, like roofs, walls, doors, and windows.
  3. Presentation: Learn how to view and set up views of your models for presentations. Such views could be perspectives, orthographic views, or projections (from the front, side, top, etc). You’ll also get to grips with the Vectorworks 2D and 3D hybrid-environment, learning how to accurately represent your objects in each.

Course Content

3D Foundation
Basic Modelling
  • Extrude
  • Sweep
  • Extrude along a path
  • Editing the above via 2D profile
3D Viewing
  • Standard views
  • Flyover tool
3D Moving
  • 2D vs. 3D selection tool
  • 3D snapping
3D Editing
  • 3D solids: add, subtract & intersect
  • Riveting, chamfering
  • Shell tool

Architectural Modelling
Project Setup
  • Layer heights & Delta Z
Building elements
  • Walls
  • Doors/windows
  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Roof wing - single roof tool
  • Adding Dormers
  • Roof using roof faces
  • Roof using core 3D modelling
  • Adjusting walls to roofs
Generating 2D from 3D
  • Standard view viewports
  • Selection viewports from plan
  • "Selection viewports" from other viewports
Adding 2D detail to 3D model views
  • Annotating viewports
  • Using viewports in design layers