‘Realtime Rendering and VR for Vectorworks’ webinars

‘Realtime Rendering and VR for Vectorworks’ webinars

Thursdays • 21 Jan, 28 Jan, 4 Feb • 1pm • 40 mins


Enscape, Lumion, Twinmotion — is there a clear winner between these 3 rendering packages?

Join Steve Brann for these free 40-minute training webinars. It’s for designers who want to visualise their models with beauty and realism — in a way that’s actually easy and doesn't take forever.

(All of these work with SketchUp, Revit, Architcad and Rhino too.)


Using a Vectorworks model, compare the big 3 main software solutions…

  • 21 Jan, 1pm • Enscape
  • 28 Jan, 1pm • Lumion
  • 4 Feb, 1pm • Twinmotion


We'll explore…

  • How easy is each to pick up and learn?
  • Which is best for interiors? Which for exteriors?
  • What hardware do you need for each?
  • Which is the best value?
  • How does the software link to my CAD software?


In each webinar we will use the same two models, created in Vectorworks:

  1. an exterior building
  2. an interior kitchen

…so you will be able to compare the quality and the ease of creation in each rendering package.

It used to be that learning to render realistic 3D models would take a long time to master. The final rendering of just a still could take 20 minutes or more.

Now with the latest software (based on gaming technology) these pieces of software offer the holy grail of being easy-to-use and real-time rendering.

The implications are that anyone can use them. It’s fun and easy. The time taken to produce stills or animations is almost negligibly small.

The icing on the cake is to see your design in realtime VR using 3D goggles or Google Cardboard (which houses your smartphone).

You can also share the visualisation with clients, allowing them to experience it in real-time on their computers.


Q. Do I need to attend every webinar?

A. No. When you register you will be invited to all three, but you can jump in and out on the webinars you're interested in.


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