Landscape and Garden Designers

Landscape and Garden Designers

Whether you do small scale garden design or large scale landscape design, we recommend Vectorworks Landmark as the tool for the job.

However, if you just want a 3D model and visualisation and you don't need a 2D planting plan, then SketchUp is a great alternative.

Vectorworks Landmark is without a doubt the most useful and well-recognised tool for garden and landscape design. It combines the 2D planning of your garden with 3D visualisation and all the paperwork from planting plans to pricing. Landmark gives you a large plant database, giving you to attach relevant plant data to your symbols.

Once you've got a copy of Landmark, we recommend 2D Essentials to start your training, which gets you fluent with the basic 2D shapes as well as how to manage a CAD drawing, an essential skill for all the courses that follow.

From there, Landmark Essentials gives you a crash course in intelligent objects, such as plant objects, hardscapes, and wall tools, as well as learning how to design all your planting plans.

If you want to 3D further then 3D Essentials gives you the skills so you can model anything… whether a gazebo or tables and chairs that aren't available in the standard libraries, this course has you covered.

Having got your model and design in place, its time to present your work! That's where RenderWorks Essentials steps in. Learn how to produce a realistic or sketchy visual right within Vectorworks.



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